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What is Out of the Cold: Out of the Cold is a program where 7 host churches in St. Catharines open their doors to the homeless and hungry people of St. Catharines. These churches provide a hot nourishing meal and overnight shelter to the less fortunate in our community. The program begins its finished on March 28th. But if you want to still be involved we run a summer bbq twice a month starting in June. Contact us if you want to be involved. Our program starts this year on Friday, November 6th.

Monday: Silver Spire United Church
(formerly called St Paul St United Church), 366 St Paul St  
Tuesday: Cathedral of St Catherine, 3 Lyman St (at 67 Church St) 
Wednesday: St George's Anglican Church, 83 Church St
Thursday: St Alfred's Roman Catholic Church, 272 Vine St  
Friday: Knox Presbyterian Church, 53 Church St 
Saturday: Queen St Baptist Church, 57 Queen St  
Sunday: St George's Anglican Church, 83 Church St

Our program objective: To provide the homeless and hungry in our community warm and safe overnight accommodation and nourishment within a quiet and welcoming atmosphere.

How it got started: The program was first started 25 years ago in Toronto. There are now 50 host churches and 4 Synagogues running the program throughout Toronto including St. Andrew's Presbyterian and is spreading to many parts of Ontario. The program was first started in St. Catharines 20 years ago by Queen St. Baptist Church. We have a manual for the program that you can request by email.


How can your get involved: After having read our information about the Out of the Cold program do you would like to get involved? There are a few ways you can get involved in such a program first:

You could volunteer with our program. This could take the form of volunteering your Love or your Gifts. The love being expressed by the time you can share with our guests on a Friday night or Saturday morning talking to them, serving food, playing games or just being an active listener. The gifts are donations of items we need the most such as cheez whiz, peanut butter, juice and baked goods. Financial donations are also accepted with a tax receipt being given out for such donations. If so feel free to contact Knox Church at 641-8868 and leave your name and
Our motivation is the love of Christ.
Our guests be treated with
dignity and respect.
Our organization and procedures
be as simple and non bureaucratic
as possible consistent with a
welcoming atmosphere.
We welcome community involvement
phone number. It is often said by our volunteers that they get just as much out of the program as our guests do.

The other way you might want to get involved is to start a program like this one in your own community or if one exists get involved in it. We through our internet site have helped several churches with their programs.
Our program has just finished another winter version for another year. A thank you must go out the dozens of volunteers who made the year work as well as it did. Year end appreciation dinner is on Friday, April 10th. The summer program will start on Friday June 5th. Again thank you for your continued support and p[lease continue to pray for our guests.